Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Eighth Wonder Review

About The Eighth Wonder:                                                         
A modern Bridges of Madison County, Nicole Benson, 35, is an ambitious college professor with dreams of teaching at an Ivy-League school until she meets Tom Ryan, 44, married 23 years and shattered after his daughter's death from leukemia. A first-generation in her family to go to college,  Nicole is a self-made woman. She put herself through school, sacrificing marriage and children for her career. In the summer of 1997, she finally graduates with a Ph.D. from NYU, but her life is thrust into chaos when her father is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Abandoned by her mother as a girl, her father is all she has.

After fifteen years in New York City, Nicole leaves everything and everyone she knows to teach for a year in rural Bradford, Pennsylvania to be close to him in nearby Buffalo. Now, trapped in tiny Bradford, she has never felt more alone in her life...until she meets Tom Ryan.

At 44, Tom represents what Nicole longs to be: settled, secure, and clear about his purpose and direction in life. Emotionally scarred, he and his wife are empty nesters with an older son away at college and struggle to grieve together after the death of their daughter. Tom and Nicole's story begins as a journey of self-discovery for both of them but turns to bittersweet romance when their friendship becomes love. Nicole risks offering what she has never given before, her heart; and Tom has never felt happier or more conflicted when he falls in love for the second time in his life.

My thoughts:
I'm usually not a fan of reading about affairs, I usually just try to avoid those types of books, but The Eighth Wonder was more than just the affair. I like that this isn't one of those cheesy romance novels. It's deeper than the typical romance novel.

Kimberly Young has a way with her words and will draw you into the story. I will be checking back with this author to read more from her.

Disclosure: I received the book 'The Eighth Wonder' for free. All opinions expressed in this review are my honest opinion. No monetary exchange has been given for this review.


Teddy Rose said...

Thanks for taking part in the tour. I'm so glad you enjoyed The Eighth Wonder! I think it's more about relationships and finding your way in life than a romance. I hate romance books but I loved this book!

Kimberly Young said...


Thank for taking time to review my novel. I hope to have more stories to share.

Kimberly Young

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